Check, Check, check 1, 2, 1, 2…

Alright, so I pretty much suck. I have been busy with partying it up! Partying with life, partying with school, partying with midterms, partying with work, partying with my mom, etc…

Did you miss Jacuzzi Boys early October? Yeah, you missed big time!

Well, let me give you an update!

NOBUNNY returns! He has sold his soul, again, to bring the CRAMPS back to life. Come this Saturday the 27th to hear NOBUNNY and his Cramps (Death Hymn Number 9) perform a live set! Zombie costume contest! Tyranis! 18+, party takes place at EL CID Tickets are available here


The SPITS! with the MOUTHBREATHERS! More to be announced! Find your tickets here


This post is not over!
Yes, this is free and awesome.

You must be 21+! RSVP here!
Not 21? Not over 18? Don’t worry, I have you covered!


Stay tuned for MARK SULTAN during my favorite eating holiday! Gobble up!

I didn’t proof read this post. Leave me alone—I have homework to do!

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