Summer you suck!

Summer you suck for being so short and being so quick. But here it is…Oh wait. Yeah….I’m doing something special this Monday, August 29th. Something I have never done–except when I’m obnoxiously drunk when I try to make friends listen to music. It’s very special so come out! Richie from Clorox Girls will be also doing it, so it will be extra special. Come out and see me fail. Or don’t come out because you don’t want to see me fail, either way you will be a sucker for not coming.

Monday Aug 29


Mean Jeans

This is the first time the White Wires come out to the West. They are really good, like good as in sucking on 5 lollipops-at-the-same time-good. With the Mean JEANS! They make it rip hardddd…The Wrong Words and PANGEA. Bring your party helmet for safety, leave the mind at the door and have fun! Time: 8 PM At: the Blue Star. Tickets: Here

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