August is the month where the year gives us a little warning, “It’s summer, enjoy this month because September is right around the corner, and you know what that means…” Enjoy it dude!
Natural Child

Friday, August 12th! Natural Child, Liquor Store, The Double Negatives, Johny O’Donell at the Blue Star. You should see these bands because in a couple of months you’ll be thinking of making a time machine. The fun starts at 8:30 PM.
It’s not OVER! hold on! Put your party hat back on!

sunday august 14

This BBQ is going to rule. This is where the summer spirit finally hits you… Shannon and the Clams, THE TRASHIES, Royal Baths, Bleached, The Lovely Bad Things at the Blue Star. Party time starts at 5:00 PM!! Don’t be late, seriously!

For those concerned with parking security, LA Record and the Blue Star want you to know that we now have a dedicated parking attendant and security guard so we won’t have any more issues with car safety. Sorry to anyone who was affected by this, but it’s been taken care of.
So if your car was part of this please message me privately.

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