The title says it all. THE SPITS. and THE SPITS. THE SPITS. THE SPITS. THE SPITS. THE SPITS. THE SPITS and THE SPITS. Seriously, don’t be an idiot and bring your surfboard.
The Spits

Joining the Spits are Bleached, Clorox Girls, Rayon Beach and John Wesley Coleman. You know the drill. Burgers, beers, babes and harsh rad times.

Upcoming shows:
August 12: Natural Child, Liquor Store, The Double Negatives
August 14: Shannon and the Clams, The Trashies, Royal Baths, Crazy Band, Bleached
Sept 2nd: Mean Jeans, White Wires, Clorox Girls, Wrong Words

Ah shiiiit. stay tight.

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