March Madness!

March is filled with kicks and punches of fun shows. Burger Records is doing a tour that will lead them to SXSW and one of the stops is Los Angeles. Thanks to Total Trash Booking we have this NO-HOT-DOG-ALLOWED-SHOW!

march 11th 2011

The weekend is not over! Get ready to be born cheap! With CHEAP TIME.
“a refined power pop vehicle that gleans the irresistible glittery nuances from all the right hiding spots for modern inspiration, and blasts them forth onto the futuristic palette of today’s glam-savvy punk fans to absorb while scrambling to pick up the last scraps of non-comped Velvet Tinmine tracks still floating around. ” -In The Red Records

Saturday March 12th 2011

No, it’s not over! Soon to be heard in your pretty little ears..Davila 666, King Tuff, Tijuana Panthers, Audacity and more!

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