Scion A/V Garage is throwing a free show with the DIRTBOMBS. But in order to get in you must RSVP here . Do it NOW, before you forget. The list will close soon! DO IT NOW!


RSVP is strictly required! **Early arrival is suggested as space is limited. Entry is not guaranteed. Line up is subject to change.

Following this, we have the return of the MEAN JEANS!!

affiche meanjeansnew
With, the Underground Railroad to Candyland, Clorox Girls and White Night! At the Dark Horse Saloon in downtown LA! Buy your tickets now! TICKETS

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June 17th

Can you please get your tickets, NOW? I don’t want any whiners at the door! BUT! you can be a WINNER! WIN HERE!

HUNX AND HIS PUNX  are back this SATURDAY! For a special Mexican Wrestling show! So much spandex, so much sweat, touching…and the list goes on! More info HERE!

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Friday! Friday!

This Friday!
June 10thThis Friday June 10th! Bare Wires, The Shitty Limits, Cosmonauts, Rough Kids. 18+ at the Blue Star Restaurant!

And then the next Friday!
June 17th

Friday, June 17th! Mark Sultan, LAMPS, TRMRS, Death Hymn Number 9 18+ at the Blue Star Restaurant!

Get your tickets at DO IT NOW!

Also, check out the photos from the Grass widow show

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This Saturday, enjoy this great performance! Be there! Get there!

The Pine Hill Haints, Hippy Riot, Bombón, RT  N’ the 44′s at the Bordello in Downtown LA. 21+ and $8!

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I strongly suggest you save this:

The summer is right around the corner and we are throwing a kick-off summer party!
May 20 Psycho Beach Party!

With: Grass Widow, X Ray Eyeballs, Dirt Dress. 18+ $10.00 Get your tickets here

Make sure to check back because coming up  we have the spits, king tuff, mean jeans, mark sultan, bare wires, shitty limits, shannon and the clams and more!

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Wrap up

Check out this funny interview from L.A Record with King

Also, check out this video from the King Tuff show. click

If your Español is great, read this interview with Davila

The shows were beyond awesome! Thank you!!!!
Get ready for the Summer monthly series at the Blue Star! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Party two days in a row!

I still have not settled from last week, and next week won’t help. But I don’t care because…..

King Tuff’s first West Coast appearance and first time being backed up by The Audacity. Also playing, The Audacity (themselves), Apache, Cosmonauts, Crazy Band. You can find pre-sale tickets here:

It’s not over! The next night should be the start of the summer series, PSYCHO BEACH PARTY!

Feel the summer with Davila 666, Las Robertas, Clorox Girls, Tijuana Panthers, and from Australi the Slug Guts! Pre Sale tickets here:

Please get the tickets as soon as you can. I don’t want to see you outside waiting to get inside.

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March Madness!

March is filled with kicks and punches of fun shows. Burger Records is doing a tour that will lead them to SXSW and one of the stops is Los Angeles. Thanks to Total Trash Booking we have this NO-HOT-DOG-ALLOWED-SHOW!

march 11th 2011

The weekend is not over! Get ready to be born cheap! With CHEAP TIME.
“a refined power pop vehicle that gleans the irresistible glittery nuances from all the right hiding spots for modern inspiration, and blasts them forth onto the futuristic palette of today’s glam-savvy punk fans to absorb while scrambling to pick up the last scraps of non-comped Velvet Tinmine tracks still floating around. ” -In The Red Records

Saturday March 12th 2011

No, it’s not over! Soon to be heard in your pretty little ears..Davila 666, King Tuff, Tijuana Panthers, Audacity and more!

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Downtown LA’s ARTWALK afterparty!

Keep the spirit of Art and the spirit of the party by continuing it at the Five Stars Bar.

Get into it!

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Saturday! Audacity Record Release show!



late show! Sponsored by Scion Garage!


Volar – Ears and Eyes 7- Inch record release show!

COLD SHOWERS (ex mika miko)
BOMBON (Calimucho San Pedro)


10:00 PM

All Ages!
939 Maple St

Maple and 9th st located int the fashion District!
close to tent city!

Get into it!
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